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Spain is one of the few countries in the world which in the less time has created a market of itself and for the world in the field of fashion and also the way it has been rising to new heights is really astonishing. Spain is the country located in the European continent and if we see the geographical area in which it is located is very cold and the summer last for very few days which forces the designers to give the market the collection of clothes according to the environment and the climate which been present there for a very long time.


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Development In Spain

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Spain is one of the tiny and the least population country but then also it has not adhered the passion of the Spanish people to succeed in their aim to see their country as the most developed one which is the result this tiny country comes in the top 10 economy in the European union and in the top 20 in the whol world. It is not that Escort Barcelona Spain has the reserves of gold or silver or the commodities as oil from the very beginning but it had built the country from scratch which has helped the country to developed in the era in which many successful country wasn’t developing.


From all this facts we can sure that spain comes in the big economies and has given many brands and entrepreneurs to the world. If we dates back to various centuries and take the historical figures into consideration it has surely rise from the very low economy and which is the very great thing this country has did it till date. There are various factors which equally contribute to the success of the economy which includes the balance of payments, the interest  rate and the fiscal deficit which the countries ministers has done their best to save the economy .


The factors such as the opening of the economy and increase or attract the foreign investors  has helped spain gain the world or globe attrntion which surely has helped it in terms of providing employment because if new companies comes in they offer employment to the existing population because there are not going to migrate the people from other country form where there are coming so they will surely employ the particular spot people and help the country in maintain the ratio of employment versus unemployment. It also adds value like the latest technology and the latest machinery which reduces both the cost and the time to complete that particular task. So, from this surely we could say that is has done whatever it can to make it’s economy the best in the world.